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6 Week Writing Workshop: Poetics of Perversity: How To Kill Yr Darlings In Real Time

Reservation Dates: 
Monday, April 8, 2019 - 6:30pm to 9:00pm

Reservation Dates: 



Poetics of Perversity: How To Kill Yr Darlings In Real Time

With Tracey Anne


March 25th to April 29nd (No Class on Apr 22nd or virtual class optional) 

6 Week Workshop

Mondays 6:30-9pm


Contact for questions/information. Paypal to register.

Trigger Warning: This workshop is about destruction as an essential component of creation.

To make art is to make an offering. This work is precious, a sacrifice, an explosion of Self on behalf of Other. As artists, we often destroy ourselves in order to create work that is meaningful. Sometimes self-destruction is necessary. And sometimes it is a shuffling sidestep, a delusion of the ego to protect what it has made, to prevent anything from destroying the progeny that are our projects.

“The whole business of eroticism is to destroy the self-contained character of the participators as they are in their normal lives. Stripping naked is the decisive action…Poetry leads to the same place as all forms of eroticism — to the blending and fusion of separate objects. It leads us to eternity, it leads us to death, and through death to continuity. Poetry is eternity; the sun matched with the sea.”

― Georges Bataille


Killing our darlings is murder to us. It is unacceptable, unreasonable, perverse.

We all want to protect what is precious, and sometimes we make of our work a little lamb. It becomes toothless, tongueless, harmless entertainment. We make reality TV documenting the lives of our little lambs, but IRL we hate them and neglect them or ourselves and one or both of us die of malnourishment. This class will explore what it means to actively decapitate our little lambs and reanimate them lovingly with spirit.

In order for our work to move into the sphere of the the sacred, in order for our process to become ritual, we must be willing to simultaneously worship and destroy what we create. That is what it means to sacrifice. In order to do this, we must be willing to to sublimate our ego to the work and surrender the illusion of control so the work can move through us into the world.

The guiding question of this workshop is: How can we allow our work to become sacred?

The guiding vision is: Let’s try sacrifice.

Workshop Requirements:
*This workshop is for artists of all kinds who make work of all kinds.
*This is not a class about learning how to make things.
*This is a class about learning how to unmake things.
*It doesn’t matter what kind of work you make, but you must be willing to make work.
*You should be willing to entertain the notion that art is a ritual, both in terms of production and presentation.
*You should be emotionally prepared to confront and ritualize your work process.

Broad Strokes (Course Outline, Subject to Change)
1 What Color is the Sacred? 
2 Bondage and Georges Bataille
3 Spirit Possession and Maya Deren
4 Pandrogenesis and Performance Art
5 Attachment Theory and Kathy Acker
6 Slicing Up Eyeballs and Wm. Burroughs
7 I’ll Show You Mine: Presenting Our Work