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Accountability & Consent :: Conversations & Community

Reservation Dates: 
Thursday, January 10, 2019 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

This is our first meeting and will be more of a planning and brainstorming session.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: anyone who may have experience or ideas in how to create the space elaborated below. ie counselors, sex educators, consent educators, sex workers, facilitators, organizers, experts in restorative/ transformative justice, as well as victims of abuse etc. People who can help us think this all through and potentially offer ongoing support/ participation in the space, but also folks who are simply willing to share ideas to help us form a structure to move forward.

WHO SHOULD NOT ATTEND: If you have been accused of perpetuating harm or of violations of consent, this space is NOT yet open to you.


It's been a long time coming that we begin to have more prominent conversations in this city about CONSENT & ACCOUNTABILITY, am I right?!

I have officially been spurred into action by my own personal experience and that of those closest to me to finally call this space into being. In such a small community, it is important for us to share our experiences and hold ourselves and others accountable for their actions in order to prevent the perpetuation of harm, trauma and unnecessary pain and discomfort.

We're not sure what it will look like yet, but at least we are imagining it to have a couple of components including:

-space for victims of consent violations and abusive behaviors to be able to process their experiences and be able to ask for community support in holding responsible parties accountable.
-space, when desired, for individuals to process shared experiences, victim with violator in the context of a supportive circle to help hold and guide the difficult processing that needs to take place.
-space to orientate violators around the harmful nature of their actions and identify specific measures required moving forward for a true accountability process to take place.

SPACE meaning time and energy, separate kinds in which all layers of the experience can receive support and feedback, guidance, ideas, etc

This is about restorative and transformative justice, trying to get to the root of the issue and creating space for healing for everyone involved.

It is about acknowledging that we all have work to do. It can't be done without people owning their mistakes and harmful patterns and creating systems of accountability to ensure change moving forward.


We are hoping for this not only to be a place to process harm from the past, but also a place where we can act proactively to prevent more negative experiences from happening in the first place.