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Alien Abduction

Alien Abduction
  • Title: Alien Abduction
  • Authors: Lewis Warsh
  • Publisher: Ugly Duckling Press
  • Published Date: 2015
  • Description: Alien Abduction is Lewis Warsh's first full-length collection of poems since Inseparable (2008). Warsh extends his exploration of the way fragments of thought and feeling and experience come together to form the illusion of a solid object that can also explode into a million pieces at any moment. The whole is never the sum of its parts. A kind of doomsday hopelessness both invigorates and subdues all questions of what itmeans to be a living and breathing human. These poems are personal, direct, and elusive at the same time. An accomplished fiction writer, it's no wonder that Warsh's poems are often guided by hidden narratives, stories inside stories, with no beginning, middle, or end.
  • Identifier: 1937027430 | 9781937027438
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