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Amnesia: Somebody's Memoir

  • Title: Amnesia
  • Authors: Eileen Tabios
  • Published Date: 2016-10
  • Description: Poetry. "Forgetfulness and remembering are two sides of the same coin—and that coin is anybody! Reading Eileen Tabios, we are reminded about the extent to which we are, after all, the sum of our experiences, and the extent to which my experiences may just as well be yours, or yours or yours or yours! The impressions and remembrances we hold as unique to ourselves may just as well belong to somebody else. Tabios demonstrates their interchangeableness, their downright universality! One might ask, whose memoir is this anyway? AMNESIA: SOMEBODY'S MEMOIR is everybody's memoir!" —Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino
  • Identifier: 0996400168 | 9780996400169
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