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Animate, Inanimate Aims

Animate, Inanimate Aims
  • Title: Animate, Inanimate Aims
  • Authors: Brenda Iijima
  • Published Date: 2007
  • Description: Poetry. "Drawing the ANIMATE, INANIMATE AIM together, they settle into difference. With subtle contagion of body as structured text, titled ligatures in the midst, thick with emotional materiel, Brenda Iijima's work rhymes--off or near--sight as sound. Nature for culture, culture as nature, 'we/ can play school under a tree' or at war. Breaking and building in twitchy compression, the way Marie Menken's hand-held camera swings, framed and fabulous, this exuberant tragic book of drawings and poems will hook you"--Norma Cole. "A kind of necessity is created here for saying, rejuvenating myths, turning anger into jouissance, making thoughts a river of light...Beware: we won't be chagrined anymore; such subversion is the changing of the world"--Etel Adnan.
  • Identifier: 1933959029 | 9781933959023
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