Bilateral Asymmetry

Bilateral Asymmetry
  • Title: Bilateral Asymmetry
  • Authors: Don Riggs
  • Published Date: 2014-05-05
  • Description: "That someone could write so many sonnets is not a surprise. That someone could write so many good, witty, poignant, thoughtful, alert sonnets, page after page of them, as Don Riggs does, is amazing. Paintings, boy scouts, temporary cats, different kinds of nakedness, house flies, tarot readings and memories of the poet's father are a few of the dozens of subjects that motivate these emotionally-complex poems which are much more than mere formal display. The drawings are sly charmers. This book is a delight, and an event." - Daisy Fried
  • Identifier: 0692212728 | 9780692212721
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