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Box Score

Box Score
  • Title: Box Score
  • Authors: Kevin Varrone
  • Published Date: 2014-09-01
  • Description: Reviewed by Anna StrongKevin Varrone's Box Score: An Autobiography spans across form -- from autobiography to history to visual art to the baseball rulebook to the prose poem -- content, and reading experience. Varrone's text, which he calls an autobiography, does almost everything in its power to thwart that somewhat restrictive classification. "Box Score" is made of a series of prose poems, each of which invokes Philadelphia history, baseball history (e.g. the first night game ever played between the Phillies and the Reds) Philadelphia baseball, a speaker's personal recollections ("police your area my dad would say as he smoothed dirt around the first base bag w/ his foot after a bad hop ate me up"), baseball terminology (page 78 is simply a line of a batter's statistics: g: 1 ab: 0 r: 0 h: 0 2b: 0 3b: 0 hr: 0 avg: .000), found language (Harry Kalas' famous "outta here" long ball call appears on page 73), and lyrical, evocative images that seem disembodied from -- and beautifully juxtapose -- the rest of the language ("I'd pick dandelions & snap their heads before they turned to wishes," page 19).
  • Identifier: 1940092078 | 9781940092072
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