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Call Me by My Other Name

Call Me by My Other Name
  • Title: Call Me by My Other Name
  • Authors: Valerie Wetlaufer
  • Publisher: Sibling Rivalry Press, LLC
  • Published Date: 2016-03-15
  • Description: Call Me by My Other Name is a fierce, unforgettable book about bodies and desire. Told in three voices--two historical figures, and a meta-poetic third voice that connects past to present--Wetlaufer's story weaves a brutal narrative of how we are taught to masquerade queer gender and yearning. Deeply affecting, the inventive language of these crucial, well-crafted poems transports at the same time as it transcends, embracing ambiguity, balancing intimacy and reserve. This much-anticipated second book by the Lambda Award-winning writer demonstrates that poetry, at its best, is capable of deliverance.
  • Identifier: 1943977046 | 9781943977048
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