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Common Sense

Common Sense
  • Title: Common Sense
  • Authors: Jessica Baran
  • Publisher: Lost Roads Publishers
  • Published Date: 2016-11
  • Description: Poetry. Art. "Funny and sad, the poems in COMMON SENSE sound the gulf between wants and obligations, adolescence and adulthood, love and politics. They speak to the absurdities and desperations of contemporary America, where common sense proves as scarce as its invocations are numerous. These are poems of keen irony and even satire, addressed to the wish fulfillment of presidential elections and the insurgency of teenage lust. They capture the dislocations of common life, the detritus of our days, alert to the strange fictions and contradictions we live within."—Devin Johnston
  • Identifier: 0918786630 | 9780918786630
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