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Cross Strokes

Cross Strokes
  • Title: Cross Strokes
  • Authors: Bill Mohr | Neeli Cherkovski
  • Publisher: Otis Books ] Seismicity Editions
  • Published Date: 2015
  • Description: Poetry. California Interest. CROSS STROKES: POETRY BETWEEN LOS ANGELES AND SAN FRANCISCO is the first anthology to examine the movement of poets up and down the West Coast after World War II. Editors Neeli Cherkovski and Bill Mohr have gathered over two dozen representative figures who exemplify the overlooked intermingling of a pair of feisty scenes. In revealing new layers of mutual influences, Cross-Strokes traces the restless poetics that epitomizes the small press movement in California. While both Los Angeles and San Francisco possess a radiant charisma distinctive unto themselves, the West Coast is even more powerful in exerting its subtle wanderlust along its shores. No other region seems to make use of the antinomian spirit that continues to revivify American poetry at its best.
  • Identifier: 0986017396 | 9780986017391
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