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Desert Journal

Desert Journal
  • Title: Desert Journal
  • Authors: Ruth Weiss
  • Published Date: 2012-04-03
  • Description: Poetry. Drawings by Paul Blake. Originally published in 1977 by Good Gay Poets of Boston. "A book whose page has come. ruth weiss has been sounding these poems, alone or with jazz accompaniment, for many years. It's now ocheny chorosho that they appear for the senses of those potential poets searching for new modulations of expression; for her poems are of the rhythms of our time and the interlaced, repetitive subtleties are sewn by that 'thread for those who breathe in rags' (Vallejo) which bespeaks and sings the deep loom of the bronze lotus."—Jack Hirschman
  • Identifier: 0979070279 | 9780979070273
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