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Epiphany School

Epiphany School
  • Title: Epiphany School
  • Authors: Christopher David Green
  • Published Date: 2009
  • Description: Poetry. Chris Green's EPIPHANY SCHOOL, penned with all the wonder and curiosity of a wise child, is not a book for the timid, the slack-minded, the duped or sleeping. These are poems that hold us in their headlights and tap our backs in the dark, that beg us to notice life and death, the big and small moments of illumination in our lives. He is a poet who writes with wings. His clear-cut honesty embraces his subject matter with reckless abandon. The poems range from gut-wrenching to heartbreaking, but, throughout the book, a sense of humor prevails. Each turn of thought and phrase arrives unexpectedly with a poignancy that touches on the revelatory. This is the Green movement we've been waiting for.
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