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Errant Astrologers, The

The Errant Astrologers
  • Title: The Errant Astrologers
  • Authors: Felipe Benitez Reyes | Emily Toder
  • Publisher: Ugly Duckling Press
  • Published Date: 2013
  • Description: Poetry. Drama. Translated from the Spanish by Emily Toder. This three-act play in verse by Spanish poet, novelist, and dramaturge Felipe Benítez Reyes, tracks the nonsensical, disorienting, and rather tragicomic journey of three monarchs lost in a boundless desert, on a long, dark, and endless night, in which the notions of power, place, and purpose are all tipped on their heads and crushed. In a paradoxically classic fusion of the chivalrous and postmodern traditions, THE ERRANT ASTROLOGERS is like waiting for Godot with Sancho Panza, all on the set of Ishtar, and told in the haunting, rich verse of Reyes's own.
  • Identifier: 1937027341 | 9781937027346
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