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Escape, The

The Escape
  • Title: The Escape
  • Authors: Jo Ann Wasserman
  • Publisher: Futurepoem
  • Published Date: 2003
  • Description: Poetry. "THE ESCAPE is a kinetic maelstrom in which Wasserman's attention is always laconic and precise...prose where diary and fiction slip around each other...a music that is intoxicating and unmistakable in its honoring of the turbulence of being alive in the not so distant present, past and future"—John Yau. "There is much at stake in this book: 'motherhood, fortune, providence, the stars and then depression...the false Italy' or false anything vs. a real me or you. This book is 'round, soft, sad, expensive, pink' is also dark, sharp-limbed, heart-wrenching, hilarious and smart"—Eleni Sikelianos.
  • Identifier: 0971680027 | 9780971680029
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