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Every Living One

Every Living One
  • Title: Every Living One
  • Authors: Nathan Hauke | Sara Peck | Jared Joseph
  • Published Date: 2015
  • Description: Poetry. "What if the secret heart of rural America were a still waiting, an all-but-silent psalm? These lyrics are delicate, involuted fossils of a trance- like attention that somehow does not exclude chronic underemployment, neighbors up on assault charges, and other vicissitudes of contemporary rural living. In the tradition of C.D. Wright, besmilr brigham, and perhaps Lorine Niedecker above all, these are poems 'learning the mirror and field guide,' becoming 'a process of mapping'—not just of place, but also of being-in-place, an angled consciousness that pares itself away even as the lines all but dissolve on the reader's sympathetic eye- tongue."—G.C. Waldrep
  • Identifier: 0990813916 | 9780990813910
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