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Fanon City Meu
  • Title: Fanon City Meu
  • Authors: Jaime Luis Huenun
  • Published Date: 2018
  • Description: Poetry. Latino/Latina Studies. Political poetry takes on a new definition in Jaime Huen�n's FANON CITY MEU, where the voices of the colonized and their colonizers form a dissonant choir bearing testimony to the centuries of violence that have shaped Latin America. Inspired by Martinican intellectual Frantz Fanon, the book examines issues of race, colonialism, and revolution through a poetic discourse that only seems to find solace in irony. In this volume, Huen�n, a renowned Chilean-Mapuche poet, draws parallels between the alienation of South American indigenous peoples and the experiences Fanon documented in the Caribbean and Algeria, breaching national and linguistic barriers that often work to isolate the "wretched of the earth." FANON CITY MEU is Huen�n's second full-length collection of poetry to be translated into English, following PORT TRAKL in 2008. Both books form part of an ongoing project to engage with the work of prominent international poets and intellectuals, such as George Trakl and Osip Mandelstam. Huen�n questions the limits of so-called indigenous literature without abandoning issues relevant to the Mapuche struggle for self-determination, urging readers to reflect on the inseparable bond between language and politics.
  • Identifier: 1944884289 | 9781944884284
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