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Fire Wind

Fire Wind
  • Title: Fire Wind
  • Authors: Iván Yauri | Yvan Yauri
  • Publisher: Ugly Duckling Press
  • Published Date: 2011
  • Description: Poetry. Latino/Latina Studies. Bilingual Edition. Translated from the Spanish by Nicholas Rattner and Marta del Pozo. FIRE WIND is a translation of Peruvian poet Yván Yauri's Viento de fuego, his second book of poems and the first of his work to appear in English. Yauri's poetics stem from the tradition of the Latin American avant-garde, and he maintains his activism in the ranks of the contemporary Marxist-Trotskyites. "With their full pedal wawa, their panting physicality, and a reference field that incorporates just about everything, Yauri's poems track cosmic interactions with earthly particularities. FIRE WIND takes on Empire and routine with a streetfighting swagger. The poems are roiling with lifeforce"—Forrest Gander.
  • Identifier: 1933254769 | 9781933254760
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