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Firefly Under the Tonge

Firefly Under the Tongue
  • Title: Firefly Under the Tongue
  • Authors: Coral Bracho
  • Publisher: New Directions Publishing
  • Published Date: 1977
  • Description: Born in 1951 in Mexico City, Coral Bracho has published half a dozen books of poems including the groundbreaking (1982) which changed the course of Mexican poetry. Her exquisite long-lined poems evoke the sensual realm where logic is disbanded, wonder evoked. In the words of her translator Forrest Gander, "Her diction spills out along ceaselessly shifting beds of sound....Bracho's poems make sense first as music, and music propels them." From her early collections— and —to her most recent books and (which won the Xavier Villaurrutia Prize), offers the first book of English translations by this most important and influential living poet.
  • Identifier: 0811216845 | 9780811216845
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