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Ghosts by Albert Ayler, Ghosts by Albert Ayler

  • Title: Ghosts by Albert Ayler, Ghosts by Albert Ayler, Poems
  • Authors: Merry Fortune
  • Publisher: Futurepoem
  • Published Date: 2004
  • Description: Poetry. Native American Studies. "In a madcap grammar handbook about the love that lives inside a savage world, Merry Fortune holds the keys to the tender ode, the raw confession and the syntactically exhilarating manifesto. GHOSTS will surprise you with its sharpness and its joy. Read this book because it's excellently funny and read this book because it's seriously good"—Lisa Jarnot. "Merry Fortune's poems are sort of broken and beautiful and melodic—she's awkwardly smart. She's sort of like François Villon. She's kind of twenty-first century Susie Timmons"—Eileen Myles. "I'm an electric guitarist. Merry Fortune is an electric poet"—Marc Ribot.
  • Identifier: 0971680035 | 9780971680036
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