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Gravedigger's Archaeology, The

The Gravedigger's Archaeology
  • Title: The Gravedigger's Archaeology
  • Authors: William Archila
  • Published Date: 2015-03-05
  • Description: The Gravedigger’s Archaeology writes the urban landscape of the US immigrant, a figure constantly reminded of the nameless and the dispossessed who struggle back home in Central America. Moving between past and present, these poems record a vigil of loss left by the emptiness of tedious excavation?both psychological and spiritual. They travel the fragments and vestiges of a war, the return to one’s homeland or place of childhood, unearthing the landscapes of a jazz riff, myth, or work of art. In a lyrical, sometimes elegiac language, the poems map the complex territory of an exile who understands the answers lie in the ground.
  • Identifier: 1597093718 | 9781597093712
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