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He Do the Gay Man in Different Voices

He Do the Gay Man in Different Voices
  • Title: He Do the Gay Man in Different Voices
  • Authors: Stephen S. Mills
  • Published Date: 2012
  • Description: Poetry. LGBT Studies. Winner of the 25th Annual Lambda Literary Award for gay poetry. In this debut collection, Stephen S. Mills transports himself to dank prison cells, international executions, and the minds of murderers that unravel through the kinky underbelly of America. He comes full-circle back to the bedroom of a young, gay couple whose everyday lives surprise us in a flawed and fascinating world. HE DO THE GAY MAN IN DIFFERENT VOICES channels the hushed tones, loving whispers, and lusty moans of a generation deluged in an unflinching, unending media assault that brings the best and worst of us to an exciting, terrifying proximity. "If you're someone who's ever gone home with a stranger, after reading HE DO THE GAY MAN IN DIFFERENT VOICES, you'll feel lucky to be alive: unraped, unmurdered, uneaten."—Jeremy Halinen
  • Identifier: 1937420086 | 9781937420086
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