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Hourglass Transcripts

Hourglass transcripts
  • Title: Hourglass transcripts
  • Authors: Susan Gevirtz
  • Publisher: Burning Deck Books
  • Published Date: 2001-09
  • Description: Poetry. HOURGLASS TRANSCRIPTS asks What is legible? How can the unaccountable, uncountable find the page outside of measurable time? To approach the preverbal, the unspeakable, it may be necessary to make an incision through the center of a line, to hyphenate, replace thought. Or, in "Hollowed out Book," the names of shipping lines float across the water like gigantic book titles, telling much about the distant and the up close. And so about the act of seeing. Form is motion through place--toward the not yet imagined: its fabulous possibility and the full extent of its previous demolition.
  • Identifier: 1886224404 | 9781886224407
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