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I Love This American Way of Life

I Love this American Way of Life
  • Title: I Love this American Way of Life
  • Authors: Brett Evans
  • Published Date: 2013
  • Description: Poetry. "With deliciously suggestive illustrations and daring pop-ups, pull-tabs and action mechanics, I LOVE THIS AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE is guaranteed to rustle your bustle, pop your cork, and fog over your monocle."—Joel Dailey "Brett Evans poems make me feel dirty/clean. He takes the entire subjective world that we want to un-see, opens a view to the squalor that we want to overlook, and re-upholsters it with gilded coats. I LOVE THIS AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE is like shuffling a deck of cards and then pulling out the Ace over and over again. Each one a new lyric, an unapologetic delve into the psyche of our Americanness, our otherness, and full of fortune love. Evans brings the solution to light in each poem—a temporary in your face, that falls away into the crushing beauty of Americana."—Mariana Ruiz
  • Identifier: 0988725711 | 9780988725713
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