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It Might Turn Out We Are Real

It Might Turn Out We are Real
  • Title: It Might Turn Out We are Real
  • Authors: Susan Scarlata
  • Published Date: 2011
  • Description: Poetry. "Susan Scarlata is on message, and she is not letting go. She is trying to tell us 'no other planet meets our needs.' She turns her screen to let us see what she sees. Not, as they say, a pretty sight. She lays it out with great precision in her beautiful vitrine of words. IT MIGHT TURN OUT WE ARE REAL is a complete set of 21st century eclogues delivered to your door with brainy clarity, with vinegary humor, with ergonomic economy and red-behind-the-ribs feeling. A positively extraordinary collection"—C. D. Wright.
  • Identifier: 098298961X | 9780982989616
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