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Keats Is Not the Problem

Keats Is Not the Problem
  • Title: Keats Is Not the Problem
  • Authors: Brett Evans | Christopher Shipman
  • Publisher: Dialogos / Lavender Ink
  • Published Date: 2018-02-15
  • Description: Poetry. Collaboration.This book continues a conversation between Brett Evans and Chris Shipman that was begun at a shared reading in Vicksburg, Mississippi, and (unbeknownst at the time) prequeled by the fact that both poets shared a common teacher, Roger Kamenetz, who taught them separately across a 25-year span. It's a book about the process of writing and the process of life. Being that the two stooge bards are writing in New Orleans, they must needs throw things at you, the reader. We hope to capture the immediacy of an intimate conversation spreading beyond ourselves. It's about city living in these demesnes, this American circumstance, this allover sinking into the Ocean. It's shallow and deep, silly-antic and meaningful, with (we dearly hope) enough rough bling in the beadwork to make it also pretty and fun. Please take it in and share with us -- as bitters lash the glass or the trees bend to the breeze -- what we need to do to be better poets and better human beings.
  • Identifier: 194488436X | 9781944884369
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