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Kids of the Black Hole

Kids of the Black Hole
  • Title: Kids of the Black Hole
  • Authors: Marty Cain
  • Published Date: 2017-08-30
  • Description: Poetry. "Inhabiting the space between elegy and prophecy, Marty Cain's poem floats in a drowning country parallel to the United States of America. Where loss flickers at the edge of each frame, 'the earth turns itself inside out' like a teenager in a dreamscape, baptized in tears."--Lucas de Lima "If Holden Caulfield had acid-tripped on friendship and death in the aughts--if he'd then fallen through a therapy-hole to ride shotgun in a dark-energy jalopy--he might have dreamed this long, wild narrative lit up on uncertainty and sex. To steal a phrase from Cain: this poem has risen from the dead to eat lesser poems. It glows."--Cathy Wagner
  • Identifier: 099647577X | 9780996475778
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