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Left Glove

Left Glove
  • Title: Left Glove
  • Authors: Mac Wellman
  • Published Date: 2011
  • Description: Drama. Poetry. From three-time Obie Award-winner Mac Wellman comes this complex and provocative play about two simple events. Yamaha Nazimova drops a glove. Jewel Beckett picks it up. Between these two occurrences, a band of moths, fingers, demons, and all-too-human pronouns sing 27 choruses rich with puns, reversals, exclamations, whisperings, cries of loss, cries of victory, arguments, and resolutions. Turning dramatic convention on its head, LEFT GLOVE offers a profound view of a mishap and its ramifications in the public and private sphere. "Chorus of One Resolved, that: LEFT GLOVE will fit thee like a glove if thou relishest the sort of play in which the most awe-inspiring acrobatic feats are performed by no other character than language. A left glove may have been lost, but here thou shall encounter dexterous play bountifully. And that is that. YEA"—Mónica de la Torre. Front cover art and design by Jonathon Rosen.
  • Identifier: 0984414207 | 9780984414208
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