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Loaded Arc

Loaded Arc
  • Title: Loaded Arc
  • Authors: Laura Goldstein
  • Published Date: 2013-09-15
  • Description: Poetry. "LOADED ARC is so fine it will rain owls and fathers."—Bernadette Mayer "What can the lyric postmodern do in the face of large-scale violence and micro aggressions? Laura Goldstein knows. LOADED ARC, in pages of intense music, pulls us sonically down deep into truths that are knowable because of beauty. This poetry enacts relationships: hurricane Katrina and inequality, fluctuating bank balances and television, attempts at accounting for everything 'because the world/is for falling in love with' and anxious conceptualizations of fatherhood/homeland. In sure sculpted lines, calling up multiple voices and a wide array of sources, and always maximizing The Word's out-loud potentials—because utterances can be simultaneously sacred and secular—this book is buoyant, is hope, 'is clearly room for action and alternatives can be planned ... '—Jill Magi "Laura Goldstein's LOADED ARC is a musical triptych, one powered by an engine equal parts surging internal rhyme and propulsive alliteration. Here, rain's rhythmic patter mirrors reportage's inability to render in language the contours of event, then our alphabet goes all allegorical, and we're left to contend with the historical aftermath of a few more burning bushes. Look out whorled, Goldstien's parting some sees."—Noah Eli Gordon
  • Identifier: 0988725738 | 9780988725737
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