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Memorials: A Selection

  • Title: Memorials
  • Authors: Mieczyslaw Jastrun
  • Published Date: 2014-08-30
  • Description: Poetry. Translated from the Polish by Dzvinia Orlowsky and Jeff Friedman. "There is great sorrow in these later poems of the remarkable Polish poet and translator, Mieczys┼éaw Jastrun, whose great mastery of form and metaphysical thought are apparent throughout. The beauty of these spare lines and images both surprise and deepen the mystery of his complete engagement with experience: 'Chrysanthemums, purple / with anger, almost disappeared in shadow,' 'the cup extinguishes the drinker,' 'Ancient deaths / linger / in vineyard branches. / Are these not stony gorges? / Is nature dead? / Don't eat the bread / and the water isn't for drinking.' Experience for Jastrun was a matter of faith as well as intimate revelation, not to mention survival. These are truly extraordinary poems. Hats off to their translators, who have somehow managed to bring forth both his 'cold fire' and 'tree of sorrow / rooted deep in my heart.'"--Philip Schultz
  • Identifier: 1935084607 | 9781935084600
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