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Music or Forgetting

  • Title: Music Or Forgetting
  • Authors: E. Tracy Grinnell
  • Publisher: O Books
  • Published Date: 2001-07-01
  • Description: Poetry. "In E. Tracy Grinnell's MUSIC OR FORGETTING the fragile traces of a life are lifted; a figure emerges as landscape; the body, a heathered slope. A view, a vista is offered, open and solitary, identified not by web works of interiors but by wakefulness. Time is marked by the distance of summers rather than a crush of events. The language intimates aspects of drawing, mobile, etude in which color, space, detail are sparingly applied; absence intensifies presence. The poetry obtains a distillation into human memory" - C. D. Wright.
  • Identifier: STANFORD:36105110658619
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