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My Dear, Dear Stagger Grass

My Dear, Dear Stagger Grass
  • Title: My Dear, Dear Stagger Grass
  • Authors: Susan Meyers
  • Publisher: Cider Press
  • Published Date: 2013
  • Description: Poetry. Winner of the 2012 Cider Press Review Editors' Prize. "Few poets writing today manage to teach us the beauty of the simple things with such precise language and tender care for detail... as Susan Laughter Meyers does in her new book MY DEAR, DEAR STAGGER GRASS. Meyers writes with the voraciousness of someone seeking to consume and somehow preserve every fiber of our senses; it is about collecting place, but it is also about collecting feeling, memory, and a way of being in the world."—Lola Haskins
  • Identifier: 1930781350 | 9781930781351
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