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My Index of Slightly Horrifying Knowledge

My Index of Slightly Horrifying Knowledge
  • Title: My Index of Slightly Horrifying Knowledge
  • Authors: Paul Guest
  • Publisher: Harper Collins
  • Published Date: 2010-04-06
  • Description: My Index of Slightly Horrifying Knowledge is a fierce and original collection—its generosity of voice and emotional range announce the arrival of a major new poet. At the age of twelve, Paul Guest suffered a bicycle accident that left him paralyzed for life. But out of sudden disaster evolved a fierce poetic sensibility—one that blossomed into a refuge for all the grief, fury, and wonder at life forever altered. Although its legacy lies in tragedy, the voice of these brilliant poems cuts a broad swath of emotions: whether he is lamenting the potentiality of physical experience or imagining the electric temptations of sexuality, Guest offers us a worldview that is unshakable in its humanity.
  • Identifier: 9780061685194 | 0061685194
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