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My Kafka Century

  • Title: My Kafka Century
  • Authors: Arielle Greenberg
  • Publisher: Action Books
  • Published Date: 2005-01-01
  • Description: In My Kafka Century, Arielle Greenberg sounds out the gothic, European bones sealed under the glib facade of contemporary American culture. They make a funky twang, through speakers who preen and plead, sing and seduce, praise and echolocate. Themes of Jewishness and sexuality, childlike wonder and pop erotica rise and fall in turn. But this is Babel, not the melting pot. In this bristling, brainy book, not a bone of language/is neutralit wags like a broken hound,/ every inch of scruff from some half breed.
  • Identifier: 0976569221 | 9780976569220
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