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  • Title: Nets
  • Authors: Jen Bervin
  • Publisher: Ugly Duckling Press
  • Published Date: 2004
  • Description: Bervin shows us ways in which we might open up pre- or over-determined uses of past structures without erasing them-making the poems all the more complex by their refusal to dislocate. Her Nets is context responsive and responsible, without the knot of lyric-envy and linguistic guilt of many contemporary poems that pillage the past for strangeness, or worse, for an energetic imagination that might impersonate the writer's. -Christine Hume, Aufgabe. Process note from Jen Bervin: I stripped Shakespeare's sonnets bare to the 'nets' to make the space of the poems open, porous, possible-a divergent elsewhere. When we write poems, the history of poetry is with us, pre-inscribed in the white of the page; when we read or write poems, we do it with or against this palimpsest."
  • Identifier: 0972768432 | 9780972768436
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