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  • Title: Occupied
  • Authors: Carol Mirakove
  • Publisher: Kelsey Street Press
  • Published Date: 2004
  • Description: Poetry. OCCUPIED is a book of moral witness of the U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. A work of contemporary "poethics," it is both angry and thoughtful. Conceived as a book of poetry and record, OCCUPIED offers a Reference section as grounding for its emotions and its facts. "Carol Mirakove's poetry does its work not only through rage and persistence but also through tenderness. There is a love for the possibility that lies within language, a belief that rescrambling the channels can alter the extent to which we accept the administered language of the state and the media, sometimes even poetry, that suckersus into going with the flow, punching in, punching out"--Heather Fuller.
  • Identifier: STANFORD:36105113986975
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