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Pacific Standard Time

Pacific Standard Time
  • Title: Pacific Standard Time
  • Authors: Kevin Opstedal
  • Published Date: 2016
  • Description: Poetry. This collection of new and selected poems by Santa Cruz-based poet Kevin Opstedal will be many people's first introduction to this legendary Bay Area poet and small-press publisher. Full of West- Coast surf vernacular and the dark, hypnotic pull of waves breathing, Opstedal's poems manage to float from Donne to the Romantics and Rimbaud, then wash up on the shores of the New York School in Bolinas. At 200-plus pages, this book will give a thorough introduction/reintroduction to Opstedal's enormous output of chapbooks and two full-length collections, as well as new poems from a lone, reclusive voice that might otherwise find itself lost to its own time.
  • Identifier: 1937027805 | 9781937027803
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