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Palm Front with its Throat Cut

Palm Frond with Its Throat Cut
  • Title: Palm Frond with Its Throat Cut
  • Authors: Vickie Vértiz
  • Publisher: University of Arizona Press
  • Published Date: 2017-09-26
  • Description: Palm Frond with Its Throat Cut uses both humor and sincerity to capture moments in time with a sense of compassion for the hard choices we must make to survive. Vértiz’s poetry shows how history, oppression, and resistance don’t just refer to big events or movements; they play out in our everyday lives, in the intimate spaces of family, sex, and neighborhood. Vértiz’s poems ask us to see Los Angeles—and all cities like it—as they have always been: an America of code-switching and reinvention, of lyric and fight.
  • Identifier: 9780816535118 | 0816535116
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