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Red of Split Water

Red of Split Water
  • Title: Red of Split Water
  • Authors: Lisa Donovan (Poet)
  • Published Date: 2016-11
  • Description: Poetry. "RED OF SPLIT WATER, A BURIAL RITE—a book that is also ritual—to read (write) as ritual, one of waking, and in its two-fold sense: to come into awareness (to be born), and to keep vigil ('a sitting up at night with a corpse'). Here is a rite that allows us to, literally, fill in/enter into the blank spaces created by such waking. Within these shimmering gaps, Lisa Donovan's constellations of violence and enduring witness are astonishing. In the places drenched by disappearances, you can hear a girl child, all through the long night, humming."—Selah Saterstrom
  • Identifier: 0996475745 | 9780996475747
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