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simple constructs for the lizzies

Simple Constructs for the Lizzies
  • Title: Simple Constructs for the Lizzies
  • Authors: Lisa Cattrone
  • Published Date: 2016-05-01
  • Description: Poetry. "Lisa Cattrone dazzles with these investigations of form, plying her linguistic materials until they give out and reveal the something even newer at the core of the new. This work ascends and descends, too, rising like thrown confetti, sinking, then, but still shining with complex softness underfoot. Nothing happens once in SIMPLE CONSTRUCTS FOR THE LIZZIES and nothing Cattrone constructs is as simple as the same old thing all over again. These are the logics of Heraclitus set in argyle delicacy, funny, too, and biting from the heart."—Anne Boyer
  • Identifier: 0996475729 | 9780996475723
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