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Social Dance

Social Dance
  • Title: Social Dance
  • Authors: Carolyn Boll
  • Publisher: Sally Jane Books
  • Published Date: 2017-07-26
  • Description: Boll's words glide across the page like choreography, taking readers on a journey that is at times just good fun, and at other times, intensely personal. Her poems are a refreshing reminder to all that words are a dance, relationships are a dance, and life itself is a dance. -Lauren Warnecke, Dance Contributor to the Chicago Tribune Filled with intense, musical rhythms and daring sound-play, this book incites ecstasy and gives the reader the sense that she is dancing. Open your heart to... and lean into Boll's "delicious/ succulence and luscious licentiousness." You will not be disappointed! -Ann Tweedy, author of The Body's Alphabet, 2017 Bisexual Book Award in poetry Oh, how I love this exquisite volume of voluptuous, ecstatic poems! She opens the space of each page like the stage of a theatre where her poetry unfurls in a succession of lush and tender dances. She has invented a series of elegant compositional structures...that perfectly accommodates the eager rush and undulating sensuality of her language... -Peggy Baker, dancer/choreographer, C.M., LL.D., D.Lit, O.Ont. Evoking the clever playfulness of a contemporized Gertrude Stein, the poems deliver "words of pleasure in endless / measure" and an energy that gets us up "doin' the two-step.." Social Dance astonishes with ingenuity, grace and dazzling language. -Cora Sire, author of Behold Things Beautiful, The Other Oscar and Signs of Subversive Innocents Nuanced in its expressions of love and elegantly simple...Social Dance is a wonderfully paced play of words and image...Carolyn Boll will awaken in you the desire to dance cheek to cheek with your beloved. -Gabriel Dawe, visual artist
  • Identifier: 099876101X | 9780998761015
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