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Soft Place, The

The Soft Place
  • Title: The Soft Place
  • Authors: Kate Schapira
  • Published Date: 2012
  • Description: Poetry. "In my mind, THE SOFT PLACE makes traces around what works to keep us together or keep us going: kindness, stitches ('this inner thing is mine'), seeds, family lines, and the symmetries and asymptotes therein. With intimacy and intelligence, Schapira reminds us of those mirrors (between us and us, us and others or lovers, us and the wound or the world) that sometimes hold together, sometimes shatter: 'Nature doesn't mirror us, but it senses us.' She holds the shards between pictures up to each other in reciprocity, responsiveness; that is to say, she holds it together."—Eleni Sikelianos
  • Identifier: 0982989628 | 9780982989623
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