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Something in the Way // Obstruction Blues

Something in the Way // Obstruction Blues
  • Title: Something in the Way // Obstruction Blues
  • Authors: John Duvernoy
  • Published Date: 2014-06-15
  • Description: Poetry. Written in a seance of intuition and then extensively revised, SOMETHING IN THE WAY is an aboriginal blues, a gut map, where ecstatic clarity shares a bed with gall stone blindness. Proceeding by feints and jabs, deadpan misdirection undercutting stark confession, the pages share a core vulnerability, a magnetic bruise. These are loner's poems, vying to connect. Sunk deep in the mud of childhood, dragged by an erotic comb with missing teeth, what passes through unexamined, re-emerges in adulthood, wearing masks. Surreal, streetwise, and draped in black humor, the method is magpie, the code collapsed romantic. Duvernoy's piercing lyric rhythm, his art brut cologne, haunt a landscape poised between complicity and the drifter's escape. For readers hungry for a sound of authentic risk and mystery, this electric debut will quicken the pulse.
  • Identifier: 0982989687 | 9780982989685
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