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Song of Praise

Song of Praise
  • Title: Song of Praise
  • Authors: John Sinclair
  • Published Date: 2011
  • Description: Poetry. Literary Nonfiction. Music. John Sinclair pays poetic tribute to jazz musician John Coltrane in a collection of Sinclair's poems along with jazz album reviews and concert reviews from the 60s as well as edited and refined earlier works spanning decades of Sinclair meditating and reflecting on the influence of Coltrane and his music. As stated in the afterword by poet Dennis Formento, this collection reveals Sinclair to be in the lineage of the great Beat poets who were moved by the culture and the influence of Jazz in the 60s. "John Sinclair's writing about 'The Music' has always been well informed and inspiring, from his early Detroit-hip days. So it's important to gather this writing to show where he and we have been, and the great period of American Classical Music we lived through and particularly the marvelous revelation that John Coltrane provided everybody who could hear"—Amiri Baraka.
  • Identifier: 0979070252 | 9780979070259
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