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Super Natural

Super Natural
  • Title: Super Natural
  • Authors: Tracey McTague
  • Published Date: 2013
  • Description: Poetry. Tracey McTague's SUPER NATURAL delves into language via myth and oracle vacillating between cutting swerves in the line to historical layers that create a palimpsest of newness and mystery in the poems. This first collection exquisitely reflects the meditations on how language both sustains and protects those who seek to wrestle with and stare eye to eye into its offerings. "A hornbook for the fledgling seer. A trickster's bible. Mystic, domestic, ritualistic, caustic. Tracey McTague's book invokes the spaces between the worlds with poems that demand to be read aloud, incantations against—or for—those liminal places where spirits flap free. With sensual vulgarity and profane beauty, her poems draw close to the divine, stripping language down to its glowing bones. I know this place; it stalks me. And I believe in these poems."—Lauren Ireland
  • Identifier: 0988725703 | 9780988725706
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