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Tales of Horror, The

The Tales of Horror
  • Title: The Tales of Horror
  • Authors: Laura Mullen
  • Publisher: Kelsey Street Press
  • Published Date: 1999
  • Description: Fiction. Poetry. Laura Mullen's clever postmodern gothic is a tour de force. Here enter the stock elements of the generic horror tale: the haunted house, the doctor, the down-to-earth gardener, the chatty housemaid, the sunny morning and dark portentous night. At the center, a beautiful woman is dead. But is she? The tale is disassembled to offer alternate reading -- as a story, as a flipbook, and as a text scored for old and familiar voices. The ancient house the abandoned house the house that has been like that forever ... Dark shape in its bed of rank weeds its entrance gaping but not I was wrong like that/ Forever a shred of white lace at a broken window insisted on history.
  • Identifier: STANFORD:36105028973779
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