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Temper and Felicity Are Lovers

Temper & Felicity Are Lovers
  • Title: Temper & Felicity Are Lovers
  • Authors: Kathryn L. Pringle
  • Publisher: Lost Roads Pub
  • Published Date: 2014-01-07
  • Description: Poetry. LGBT Studies. Imagine the most transformative single moment of the Occupy movement or the Not in Our Name protests of the Bush agenda after September 11. Imagine, further, that that quickening moment, thrumming with potential, were itself an entity—transhistorical—wh ich had special perspective on individual experience and the united "body" of a republic, the contractual terms that constitute us. That, approximately, is the speaker of kathryn pringle's TEMPER & FELICITY ARE LOVERS, a deeply inventive and fascinatingly unsteady American book. "when the voice speaks the machines engage—a jettisoned unison. speaking shoulds. the dis-ease of former places eradicated: a past respoken. the one above all becomes us. you can see it now."—Brian Blanchfield
  • Identifier: 0918786606 | 9780918786609
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