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there are boxes and there is wanting

There are Boxes and There is Wanting
  • Title: There are Boxes and There is Wanting
  • Authors: Tessa Micaela Landreau-Grasmuck
  • Published Date: 2016
  • Description: Poetry. Hybrid Genre. "Where storms are stories that 'cannot be pulled apart from one another,' and stories storms swirling up around 'precarious' bodies ('if the body doesn't end at the skin') —this book: hybrid of play nonfiction and poetry. Where 'at least we are dancing. at least we are not separate from one another'—this book: a description of, also a resistance to, the reduction of 'the body' to 'the patient.' This book: urgent attention given to the restoration of visibility in the theatrically lit stage space of a deep concern about surveillance. Intimate and performative, finding doorway after doorway, the embodied, hyper-vigilant, proposals of there are boxes and there is wanting reveal a lyric speaker who goes from particle to wave, subject to object, interior to exterior and back with extraordinary speed and fluidity, with an astonishing control and an equally impressive wildness. 'when it is our turn to speak a kind of breaking happens.' This book: 'any investigation of skin must start here.'"—Laura Mullen
  • Identifier: 0996475702 | 9780996475709
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