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Thinking in Jewish

Thinking in Jewish
  • Title: Thinking in Jewish
  • Authors: Hank Lazer
  • Published Date: 2017-12
  • Description: Poetry. Jewish Studies. From Lazer's ambitious ten-year Notebook shape–writing project, THINKING IN JEWISH challenges the way we read and write poetry and reframes the terms of spiritual autobiography. Drawing on Jewish traditions of text-and- commentary in conversation on the same page, Lazer's new book, in dialogue with the writing of Emmanuel Levinas, is a notebook full of major events, some personal/familial in nature, others more generally so--from the death of his father- in-law to his first trip to Cuba, to other travels (London & Edinburgh, the former to read with one of his favorite poets, Fanny Howe), to time spent in LA and Honolulu, to a trip with his son who was beginning his graduate work in screenwriting at USC, to a reading of Adam Levine's gigantic novel The Instructions, to a second trip to Havana in which the government (Cuban) applied pressure which caused Lazer to cancel a scheduled jazz-poetry concert, to the devastating tornado that struck Tuscaloosa killing more than fifty people and destroying large parts of the city and the surrounding countryside.
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