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Thorn Rosary, The

The Thorn Rosary
  • Title: The Thorn Rosary
  • Authors: Eileen Tabios
  • Published Date: 2010
  • Description: Poetry. THE THORN ROSARY offers a selection of prose poems written by Eileen R. Tabios, including poems from hard-to-find early books and as released in the past twelve years by publishers in the U.S., Philippines, Australia and Finland. Advance words include, from John Olson: "Tabios is a seamstress of the surreal, combining erudition and art historical references with flourishes of verbal color and surge. Ramifications at the fringe of consciousness thread brocades of textural ardor in a luster of compound interest. Her work ... is 'a blissful difficulty, ' ... a perception with a nerve.
  • Identifier: 0984117725 | 9780984117727
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