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Two Teenagers

Two Teenagers
  • Title: Two Teenagers
  • Authors: John Colasacco
  • Published Date: 2016
  • Description: Poetry. "I like this book a lot. I found a lot of surprises in the way the sentences worked. I was taken down a path cognitively and then thrust into a situation that made me use my psychedelic brain. I like being asked to do that. TWO TEENAGERS seeks the dust and doorways that evoke emotive meaning. Each sentence unfolds new emotions through a kind of paced, unique, symbolic logic. Measurable phenomena + the liquid in which the answer skinny dips. Verificationism + a tree that survives on echoes. This book is full of feelings I'd forgotten I'd had."—Sommer Browning
  • Identifier: 0990813991 | 9780990813996
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